Flowered napkin holder

Great, right? Fast 3-second transformation
Simple napkins turn into romantic roses
Impress your family and guests with a unique table.
You invite people to dinner. Prepare some food and set the table with elegance. How hard can folding a napkin really be? After joking with crumpled paper and napkins, you sigh deeply and simply resort to putting a roll of paper towels on the table in frustration. Or you can organize a decorative table in an instant with our Bloom napkin holder!


  • Make your family dinner even more perfect with this Bloom napkin folder. Turn any paper napkin into a rose, rosebud, tulip, or elegant calla. No skill in napkin folding is required; simply take a napkin, fold it as indicated, insert it into a Bloom holder and give the stem a quick spin.

  • Create different types of flowers you want, from tulips to roses, calla lilies and more.
    Place it on a plate, in a champagne glass or in a vase for added refinement.
    It works as a napkin holder and a table decoration at the same time!
    Replace common napkin holders with an innovative and fresh design
    Perfect for all occasions: parties, meetings, dinners and events.
    EASY 3-STEP METHOD: fold, insert and twist into a flower!
    Create lovely blooming folded flowers on your table.


  • Paper towel color: random.
    Net Weight: 10g / 1Pc.
    Material: ABS plastic.
    Green colour.


1.Fold the paper towel into a triangle.

2.Insert the folded napkin into the center bud.

3.Then, gently rotate to form a flower.


  • 1 Set x Floral Napkin Holder

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